People of Accra - 2017

This is a growing series on the people of Accra and Christian Village in particullar.


A reportage of the changing world of the 'shrimp hunters' from Texel

The Dunes - 2016/17

A growing series on the Dutch nature reserve Kennemer Duinen

People of New York City - 2017

A growing series of streephotography from the streets of New York City

Circus Life - 2016

Pictures from behind the scene at Circus Herman Renz

FIlm is not Dead - 2017

Film is emotion, pixels can be gorgeous. These pictures are taken with a Leica M7 (and sometimes Rollei SE SE)

People of Amsterdam - 2016/17

A growing series of streetphotography from the streets of Amsterdam

Body Language

a series of pictures I took in 90's on 35mm film

Portraits on Film

a small selection of photographs I took in the 90's on 35mm film