People of Moscow

Growing series of street photography in Moscow

People of Accra - 2018

Part of my 'Changing Worlds' project

People of Accra - 2017

This is a growing series on the people of Accra and Christian Village in particullar.


Pictures from a trip to Elba and Tuscany

Street Photography

A small selection of my favourite street photos I took while traveling

What about Jerusalem

Jerusalem, the start, the big bang of so many religious faiths... unbelievable faith, unbelievable trust in a god, unbelievable distrust in each other, unbelievable love, unbelievable hate.

Shànghǎi, The Disappearing City

China is rapidly modernizing its cities. This reportage is about the disappearing old Shànghǎi with its back streets and way of live.

This Circus Life

Pictures from behind the scene at Circus Herman Renz


A reportage of the changing world of the 'shrimp hunters' from Texel

The Dunes - 2016/17/18

A growing series on the Dutch nature reserve Kennemer Duinen

People of New York City - 2017

A growing series of streephotography from the streets of New York City

FIlm is not Dead - 2017

Film is emotion, pixels can be gorgeous. These pictures are taken with a Leica M7 (and sometimes Rollei SE SE)


a small selection of portraits

People of Amsterdam

A growing series of streetphotography from the streets of Amsterdam


I need to get back to Boston :-)

Body Language

a series of pictures I took in 90's on 35mm film